Aug 3, 2018

Summer is almost gone; the school year looms quickly ahead.  Before it’s too late, plan some simple, fun, family activities that cost nothing, but develop a strong sense of togetherness.  Here are some frugal suggestions:

Go To Church—Sorry, but have to remind you

Fly a Kite                               Toast marshmallows                                   Have a picnic

Learn to skip stones            Play hide and seek                          Find a new park to visit

Go for a bike ride                 Visit a local farm                               Make daisy chains

Go on a nature walk `           Wash the car                                     Visit your local museum

Go to the library                   Feed the ducks at Southern View Join a club                

Make lemonade                   Have a movie afternoon                 Go on a nature walk

Have a scooter race            Visit a friend                                      Start a journal          

Make paper planes              Make a treasure hunt                      Walk the dog

Have a teddy bear picnic   Play catch                                         Play football

Play tennis/badminton        Write a poem                                    Have a water fight

Dance to loud music           Make play dough                             Make smoothies

Start a reading challenge   Go for a photo walk