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1st Communion, 1957

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 5/05/17

Do you remember your First Communion?  I remember parts of mine—memorizing the acts of faith, hope and love in Sr. Rosabelle’s Second-Grade class, the excitement and anticipation of the occasion, and on the big day itself, kneeling at the altar rail with butterflies in my stomach, waiting for Fr. ... Read More »

Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 5/04/17

OK, So I was reading something on the Internet and came across this aMAZZZZZZing fact:  the real names of the Seven Dwarfs. It wasn’t until a Broadway play in 1912, a full century after the Brother’s Grimm fairy tale first appeared, that the gentlemen were given individual names: Blick, ... Read More »