Previous Announcements Regarding COVID-19 Celebrations, Cancellations & Health Concerns

March 20, 2020

Our parish church is closed for the daily and Sunday celebrations of the Mass. During this unprecedented time, I want to encourage you to benefit from increased personal prayer and watching an on-line broadcast Mass. Make a spiritual communion from home.

A spiritual communion is saying that for some reason, I can’t receive communion at this time.  

During communion, we enter in a relationship with Jesus, certainly not in the same way as physically receiving His Body and Blood, we still invite Him into our hearts and our lives to fill us with His grace and love. 

Holy Mass is available at many on-line sites and St Joseph the Worker is making plans to offer this service next weekend. Below is a short list of current sites.

Fr. John Nolan, Pastor

Update as of March 18, 2020

Parishioners of St Joseph the Worker:

Today, March 18, 2020, Bishop Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield-in-Illinois has SUSPENDED ALL PUBLIC CELEBRATIONS OF THE EUCHARIST until further notice. The decree and other supporting documents can be found on the Diocesan Web Site: HERE Bishop also encourages us to use this time of spiritual fast "for the sake of the physical and spiritual healing of all those in our diocese, nation, and world." As more information becomes available, it will be announced through Text, News You Can Use, and our parish website.  If you know of elderly or homebound who do not have access to electronic media, please contact them with these parish updates. And please keep our parish in your prayers.

HERE are some resources to help you spiritually throughout the day.   Daily Mass with EWTN can be viewed HERE.

Blessings, Fr. John Nolan, Pastor


Update as of March 17, 2020

  • Men's Explorers has been cancelled until further notice
  • No Greater Love Bible Study has been cancelled entirely
  • Donut Sunday has been cancelled for March 22
  • Parish Council Meeting for March 23 has been cancelled
  • Easter Egg Hunt for April 4 has been cancelled.

Previously Announced Cancellations:

  • Faith Formation Classes cancelled until further notice
  • Preschool M-F Classes closed until March 30
  • Living Stations Presentation for March 20 has been cancelled
  • St. Paddy’s Day Potluck for March 21 has been cancelled
  • Pints & Patriarchs for March & April has been cancelled
  • Rediscovering the Saints Book Study has been cancelled


COVID-19 Diocesan Guidance, March 16, 2020

"Bishop Paprocki, out of concern for the physical well-being of the people under his care, is regretfully canceling all Confirmation/First Holy Communion Masses from now until the end of December."

-There should be no penance services other than individual confessions. Please contact Fr. John (483-3772) if you wish to schedule the sacrament.   

-The Diocese is now recommending that Holy Communion be received in the hand because hot breath can communicate disease.   When receiving Holy Communion, a person's hands should be held completely open and flat to avoid contact with the minister.

Fr. John Nolan



Additional Updates as of March 14, 2020 - 8:00pm

Coronavirus Update from Bishop Paprocki:

Effective today, March 14, all (Roman Catholics) within the Diocese of Springfield are “DISPENSED from their obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notice”.  All “parishes of the diocese remain committed to making Masses and the sacraments available,” maintaining the cautions previously announced.  Masses are NOT CANCELLED and the “faithful who are well are encouraged, but not obligated, during this time to continue to attend Mass”. (Full statement HERE)

Please use these additional resources:

Links to Scripture:

Links to Spiritual Communion:

Link to Coronavirus prayer:


SJW is taking additional precautions during this time with hand sanitizer available at all the Church entrances, and by disinfecting the top rail portion of the church pews after each Mass. 

The following are cancelled:

  • Faith Formation Classes cancelled until further notice
  • Preschool cancelled until further notice
  • Living Stations Presentation, March 20
  • St. Paddy’s Day Potluck, March 21
  • Pints & Patriarchs for March & April

Small group meetings will continue at discretion of their leadership.  Cancellations will be announced.

Please monitor the various parish information sources for future updates

Additional or support information can be found on the parish website, NYCU or Facebook.  If you are not receiving text messages by phone, please consider enrolling in our texting program.  Any other questions, please contact the Parish Office at 217-483-3772

Fr. John Nolan



Update as of March 14, 2020:

The following are cancelled until further notice:

  • Faith Formation Classes
  • Preschool
  • Living Stations Presentation Mar. 20

Please watch for updates and know that you are all in our prayers.


March 12 2020

SJW has received new, expanded guidance regarding Liturgical Celebrations in the Diocese:

  • The Sign of Peace should be exchanged without physical contact.
  • Regarding the reception of Holy Communion:
    • Communion via the Precious Blood is suspended.
    • The Lord is fully present under both species.
    • If reception on the tongue is preferred, please fully extend the tongue.
    • If reception in the hand is preferred, please fully open and flatten the hand.
  • Clergy are asked to refrain from shaking hands in greeting the parishioners at services.
  • Those coming forward for a blessing at Communion are invited to make a spiritual communion -- without any physical contact from the minister.
  • The Faithful of the Diocese are encouraged to devote the remaining Lenten Friday fasts to the special intention of healing of the infected and the cease of spread.
  • The Diocese has not suspended scheduled meetings, classes, gatherings or events as of now. 
  • The regular Weekday and Sunday Mass schedule will continue as normal.

However, with due caution, I, as Pastor, am suspending the Anointing of the Sick at this upcoming Mass and Starry Night celebration this Saturday, March 14.  Additionally, the weekly Lenten Meager Meals and Stations of the Cross on the remaining Tuesdays of Lent are cancelled.  Other future events will be considered as they occur. 

Fr. John Nolan

March 12, 2020


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