Levels K-4 - Pflaum Gospel Weeklies:  (if it’s easier, our older youth can also participate in these lessons as well, we just do not currently use them in class for their levels.)

Pflaum has given permission for us to share our Log In information with our families, in order for you to have access to the whole site and be able to print lessons at home and take advantage of all the teaching tools. In order to do this, go to the first link below and click on the LOG IN button in the top right corner and enter the following:

                   Username: [email protected]

                   Password: sjw2020

This link takes you to the home screen where you can access an abundance of family resources for home instruction or if you prefer, use the catechist link to access teacher guides for each week.

Find your child’s level and go to “Teaching Guides: Unit 4 – March 15th- May 10th” and find the lesson for the week you're working with.

The second link below takes you directly to the weekly student pamphlets -just choose your child’s level and find the correct date.