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Posted by Fr John Nolan on 8/03/18

Summer is almost gone; the school year looms quickly ahead.  Before it’s too late, plan some simple, fun, family activities that cost nothing, but develop a strong sense of togetherness.  Here are some frugal suggestions: Go To Church—Sorry, but have to remind you Fly a Kite                               Toast marshmallows                                   Have ... Read More »

A Holy Week

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 3/26/18

"Let Us Make This Week Holy"

March 26, 2018 Let us resolve to make this week holy by claiming Christ’s redemptive grace and by living holy lives. The Word became flesh and redeemed us by his holy life and holy death. This week especially, let us accept redemption by ... Read More »

Discipleship--The Cost

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 2/15/18

The Conditions of Discipleship

A man got lost in the desert. Walking and walking, he was so desperate to slack his thirst with a drink of water, then, he found a shack and entered to look for water. There was no water except an old, rusty water pump. He ... Read More »

Don't We All

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 9/25/17

I was reading the Bulletin from Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago and the Rector published the following story.  He did not provide any indication of authorship. A web search showed a "Gregory ..." and another "jaydeebug."  


“I was parked in front of the mall wiping off my ... Read More »

A Carpenter's House

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 9/05/17

An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house building business and live a more leisurely life with his wife enjoying his extended family. He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire. They could get by. The contractor was sorry to see ... Read More »

Basic Elements for a Balanced Spiritual Life

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 8/31/17

In a recent article in the National Catholic Reporter, Catholic psychiatrist and author Joan Frawley Desmond offers the following basic elements to a balanced spiritual life.

“The Catholic tradition is rich with spiritual practices that we can integrate into the days and seasons of our life. We should not ... Read More »

Count Your Bricks

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 7/31/17

Jesus must be smiling when he asks us: “If one of you decides to build a tower, will they not first sit down and calculate the outlay to see if they have enough money to complete the project?” 

 In other words, be prepared to follow through.  He talks about ... Read More »

Don't Forget

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 7/31/17

We human beings are a forgetful lot. This is especially true with memory of God and the many things he has done to bless us. So we shouldn't be surprised that one of the most powerfully convicting books in the Old Testament stresses that God's people must not forget ... Read More »

Fifty Days Have Past

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 6/03/17

The term "Pentecost" comes from the Greek word pentekostos, meaning fiftieth, from which one of the most important feasts in the Jewish calendar derives its name. Fifty days after Passover, the Jews celebrated Sukkot--the "Feast of Harvest"  (The word Sukkot is the plural of the Hebrew word sukkah, meaning ... Read More »

1st Communion, 1957

Posted by Fr John Nolan on 5/05/17

Do you remember your First Communion?  I remember parts of mine—memorizing the acts of faith, hope and love in Sr. Rosabelle’s Second-Grade class, the excitement and anticipation of the occasion, and on the big day itself, kneeling at the altar rail with butterflies in my stomach, waiting for Fr. ... Read More »