VBS is open to all children age 4 (by 9/1/2018) to present grade level 4 (entering grade 5). Registration will end on July 1, so don’t wait to reserve your family’s spot!

 VBS 2018 Registration Form


Meet your VBS Bible Memory Buddies!


4nkvt1sjshp98pwkt5i7380w9ol.pngHope here!  When you see Hope, remember that WHEN YOU'RE LONELY... JESUS RESCUES!




iea1zi5dqp7xgnlgruld0q9nqhl.pngIt’s me, Beacon!  Beacon reminds us that those heavy worries don't need to weigh us down!  Aren't you glad that WHEN YOU WORRY...JESUS RESCUES?




j2d8n2fr8l3r5h4r3r7gm6tsv2l.pngI’m your buddy, Ray!  Sometimes life is a knotted mess and we just want to work hard to fix it!  But we can't always fix it.  That's why I'm so relieved to know that WHEN YOU STRUGGLE...JESUS RESCUES!





Hello from Guac!  Sometimes life feels like a wreck.  We mess up.  We do wrong things.  People hurt us.  That's why I'm thankful for that WHEN YOU DO WRONG...JESUS RESCUES





It’s me, Moe!  Sometimes we feel powerless or stuck.  We need to remember that WHEN YOU'RE POWERLESS...JESUS RESCUES