Time to register for Vacation Bible School which will be held the week of July 24-28th; 9:00-11:30am each day. This year’s theme is Maker Fun Factory; Created by God, Built for a Purpose”. VBS is open to all children age 4 (by 9/1/2017) to present grade level 4 (entering grade 5). Registration will end on July 1, so don’t wait to reserve your family’s spot!

Forms can be found on our website, in the back of church or you may stop into the church office. Cost VBS is $10 per family.

VBS 2017 Registration Form


Meet your VBS Bible Memory Buddies!

Decker here!  I’m a decorator crab who uses all kinds of algae and sea stuff to bling out my shell.  It takes time to craft this cool camouflage.  God made you just by speaking!  Wow!  I’ll remind you that God made you.


It’s me, Tina Termite!  Termites may be tiny, but we make enormous, strong towers that last a long, long time!  When you’re feeling small or not-so-mighty, I can remind you that God is for you.



I’m your big buddy, Bubba!  Humpback whales like me make something surprising – bubble nets!  These nifty nets help us round up our food, just using air.  You can’t really see air, but it’s all around you.  Even though you can’t really see God, you can trust that God is always with you.



Salutations from Skyler!  We bowerbirds build a hideaway that’s brimming with the best of everything.  To attract the perfect mate, I’ll set out stuff like fruit, shells, flowers, and stones.  God gave his best to you when he sent his Son, Jesus!  I want you to remember that God will always love you!



It’s me, Abbee!  I’m a rare bee with a crafty side you won’t believe!  We make special, bee-autiful little pods for our larva.  They’re not only pretty, but they’re practical.  We pack them with everything the little baby will need until it’s time to hatch.  Everything is there for a reason.  I can remind you that God made you for a reason.