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St. Joseph the Worker Parish

We are a Roman Catholic faith family in Chatham Illinois   committed to proclaiming the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We live our faith with our words and through our actions.  Nourished by the Word of God and the Eucharist, we seek to become a place of mercy and hope where everyone is welcomed, loved and respected.


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Welcome to St. Joseph the Worker in Chatham and Ordinary Time in the liturgical year---this stretch of Sundays teach us about what being a Christian is all about.  We are particularly thankful to our brother St Matthew, the Evangelist, who wrote the Gospel that will guide us during these upcoming weeks.  Ordinary Time means that the weeks are numbered. The English word “order” comes from the Latin word for numbers in a series, ordinalis.  We will stay in Ordinary Time until Ash Wednesday when the Season of Lent begins.

 We have added a new tab to this website:  Padre’s Blog.  It’s a periodic trip into the Pastor’s mind to find out what’s on earth he’s thinking this week, this season, this year.  You might want to check it out. 

 And if you happen to check out the Blog, I also welcome you to the other pages of this website.  There is a wealth of information in these pages that will help you to get to know our community, to participate in our community, and to give us the privilege to serve you in the name of Jesus!  The Catholic Church wants to be a welcoming community, and we at St Joseph the Worker in Chatham take this challenge very seriously as we strive to become a Stewardship/Discipleship parish.  We believe strongly that everyone has a place in the Church and that there is no better commitment than the one we make to God and to work for the building of His Kingdom in a world that very much needs His presence. 

 May God continue to lead you and guide you as you read, watch, and use our website. May it be a source of peace and strength to you. OBTW:  Welcome!

Fr. John Nolan, Pastor

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The parish will publish a weekly reflection on the upcoming Sunday Scripture written by our parishioners as part of our journey on the path of Stewardship & Discipleship. Thanks to parishioner Kevin Shrake, for serving as the editor.  You will find the current article and all past articles under the Faith Formation Tab under Faith First Reflections.

August 20, 2017  Author - Deacon Greg Maynerich

Parish Bulletin submissions are due Monday at 4pm

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St Joseph the Worker Parish Calendar

Each month our Family Activity Calendar will make suggestions of fun things for families.

Family Activity Calendar--August 2017


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Monday - 8:30am
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Wednesday - No Mass
Thursday - 8:30am
Friday - 8:30am
Saturday - 4:30pm
Sunday - 8am & 10:30am

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Upcoming Events

F *lly Alive Expo

We Need “U”

 A Ministry Challenge
Saturday & Sunday, August 26/27, 2017 after all Masses
St. Joseph the Worker Parish

Looking for a new way to get involved with your faith community?
Have a skill, talent, or time to spare, but not sure what to do with it?
Want to give your faith a kick-start?
Don’t know where to start?

 There is no talent too small and no heart too big to serve God and our community. What greater way to express our thanks and praise than by putting those gifts into action!

What better way to renew your faith than to offer your gifts to God’s service!
Come be a part of the Fully Alive Expo, August 26th & 27th, after each Mass at our outdoor tables.