September Week 2 Faith Formation

I hope the first week of getting acquainted with our new program has gone alright and that you have been successful in setting aside some time for Faith Formation with your family this past week. The main things to be working on for September are to become familiar with navigating through the Bible, incorporating some of our basic Catholic prayers into your daily routine and decorating your family scrapbook with  pictures and a theme.

September is definitely a “warm up” month for October, where if you’ve looked ahead, then you’ve noticed it contains more material. I’ve included a few extra sources below to add to your week if you need it. I will plan to reach out via email next Sunday as well with additional ideas and suggestions, and as we move ahead into October, I will offer a weekly timeline of events that you can choose to reference if you happen to need them. As a reminder, there are many links on our SJW FF page that are from reputable catholic websites and have a variety of activities to use. Just search the topic you’re looking for and many ideas will come up.


Bible Activities:

  • The Catholic Tool Box has tons of links/activities/crafts/games, etc to keep you busy. The second link (within this link – called The Catholic Icing) has fun Bible tabs crafts, bookmarks, flash cards and tons of free printables and downloads to use as well. Here is the link for that:

  • If you google “Catholic Bible Scavenger Hunt,” many ideas will come up, like these three from Saint Mary’s Press,  Ava Maria Press, and Sr. Stefanie to use as well with your kids:

  • Books of the Bible Song

If your kids like to learn visually, check out this link and help your kids memorize all the books of the Bible, to a catchy tune.

  • Read the Bible as a family: start at the beginning or start with the Gospels, either way, just start reading it together.
  • Scripture Puzzles: Here are some puzzles that go along with this week's Gospel reading.  Simply click on the link for the correct age group of your child, and print the puzzles out.

         For 3+ Year-Olds                            For 7+ Year-Olds


  • Be sure to use this link and incorporate the 5 Finger Prayer into your day as well. This prayer has been said at St. Joe’s for a very long time and your kids should be familiar with it! J


Parent Videos:

These are recommended sources from the Sophia Institute – definitely worth the watch, and short and sweet to add!

  • Masterfoods: Make Dinner Matter:

  • “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins

Please reach out with any questions and please share pictures of your scrapbooks so far on FB with our private FF Family page.