Restored Order Sacrament Preparation 2021-2022

Preparing for the Journey


On page 3 (green sheet) of your paperwork packet, you will find the explanation of how the linked Infographic will work or you can also refer to the Parent Meeting video as I walk you through it.  The format will be the same every month so it will be familiar and predictable as we work towards our Restored Order mass.

Each Infographic will have three videos for you and your child to watch together, three Bible verses for your child to highlight in their Bible, your child's homework assignment (this month it is your child's crest - the papers for it were included in the packet you picked up at the church), and some bonus material!  

So, click on the link above, complete the assignments for the month, and turn them in to me!  You can do them any time during the month, so pick the timeframe that works best for your family, but make sure to have them completed and turned in by April 1, 2021.

Our diocesan magazine The Catholic Times recently featured a special edition on the sacrament of Reconciliation! In case you missed it, they have posted it in .pdf form on their website, this is a great read to learn a little more about this sacrament! It walks you through why we go to confession, what do say and do, how to make an examination of conscience, and lots of other great information! The link is