QUEST 2019

If you are in 8th, 9th or 10th grade, please plan to attend this years Quest on February 17 and 18 (Sunday Evening 6pm to Monday at 5pm).


QUEST is a 24-hour program centering on a theme of the “Three Circles of Love.”  Love of self, love of Neighbor and Love of God.  You will be asked to listen to talks centering on this theme.  The talks will be given by your peers and adults.  We will also have group exercises and discussions and we ask that everyone participate.


There is a minimal fee of $20 for all participants.  This covers the cost of food and beverages for the weekend. 


Sleeping attire, sleeping bags, pillows, toothbrush and toothpaste.  DO NOT BRING, VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS, iPods, iPads, TABLETS or ENERGY DRINKS! Board Games are fine (Please keep in mind that this is church so only appropriate board games.)

Boys:  Each boy participant will be required to bring a liter of soda (diet or regular), lemonade or fruit juice.

Girls:  Each girl participant will be required to bring a snack (cookies, chips, brownies or cake).  Because of allergies, please do not bring anything with nuts (peanut butter, roasted peanuts, or items cooked with peanut oil).

We encourage those that have never attended QUEST to come and participate!  This weekend will change the way you think of yourself, others and God.  It’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Quest Permission Form 2019

Please return all forms, no later than Sunday, February 12.