Restored Order Sacrament Preparation

We're very excited that we'll be able to offer your child their sacrament preparation this fall, although in a different format than usual.  And as with everything during this unprecedented time, we ask for patience and flexibility if items/dates/etc... need to change.  We're all navigating these uncharted waters together and grace goes a long way toward making it a pleasant experience for all!

If you need a new copy of the Restored Order information packet, click here.

Parent Meeting Video

Please Watch This Video

This is the information we would usually present at our Parent Meeting and it seemed more realistic to video it than to try to type it all out for you!  It will explain each and every page in your packet, as well as outlining due dates and other important information.  While I'm happy to answer additional questions you may have, I've tried to answer most in the video, so please use it as a resource.

Companions on the Journey (September 2020)


This month, we are focusing on Companions on the Journey.  On page 3 (green sheet) of your paperwork packet, you will find the explanation of how this attached Infographic will work.  The format will be the same every month so it will be familiar and predictable as we work towards our Restored Order mass.

Each Infographic will have three videos for you and your child to watch together, three Bible verses for your child to highlight in their Bible, your child's assignment, and some bonus material!  So, open the .pdf, click on the links, complete the assignments for the month, and turn them in to Mrs. Essex!  You can do them any time during the month, so pick the timeframe that works best for your family, but make sure to have them completed and turned in by October 1, 2020.