October Week 4 Faith Formation

Please remember that whatever you do, faith-wise, is GREAT!!  Some things may work and some things may flop, it’s OK, just keep starting fresh each time and have the perseverance to keep trying. Incorporate virtual Mass (or in person Mass), prayers, activities and games, dealing with our faith into your week and that alone is wonderful…you don’t necessarily have to take everything from the book. This is a very new way of doing things that we have not been accustomed to at St. Joe’s in the past and I just want you to know that even a little, is still “planting the seed.”  

There was a lot listed for ideas last week to go along with Lesson 2, so in case you didn’t make it through all of them, here they are again. You can also check out any of the websites listed in our FF page on the website (The Catholic Tool Box, Catholic Icing, etc.) for additional fun ideas relating to our topics for this month.


Teaching the Liturgical Year

Here is a weekly lesson based on this Sunday’s (October 25th) Gospel, available to help aid understanding for each age level…includes both educator guides and student activity pages.






Here are the Children’s Worship puzzle sheets that go along with our readings for the week.

     3+ Year-Olds          7+ Year-Olds