October Week 2 Faith Formation

Welcome to our second week of October. Keep in mind that the information in October is broken up into TWO lessons, with certain activities to go along with each.  A summary of those can be found on pages 15 and 26. This next week, you most likely are still looking at our first question; “What does it mean to believe?”  Below are a few added resources to peruse in regards to this theme. Do as much or as little as you are able, but PLEASE do something!

Recommended Resources for Lesson 1

Bishop Robert Barron: What Faith is and What Faith Isn’t: https://youtu.be/m_4PSgFjtvI

Ignite Your Faith – What is Faith: https://youtu.be/1Sn8l2n7TGE

The Problem with Criticism with Fr. Mike Schmitz: https://youtu.be/-Rn07Hb5hJY



Teaching the Liturgical Year

Here is a weekly lesson based on this Sunday’s (October 11th) Gospel, available to help aid understanding for each age level…includes both educator guides and student activity pages.






The directions for the October entry of your family faith scrapbook can be found on page 38, however, you may want to wait to complete it until that material has been shared/covered, and the kids have a good understanding of what is included in the book of Genesis and how it relates to your family.


Scripture Puzzles: Here are some puzzles that go along with this week's Gospel reading.  Simply click on the link for the correct age group of your child, and print the puzzles out.

     For 3+ Year-Olds          For 7+ Year-Olds