October Week 1 Faith Formation

Happy Month of the Rosary and Right to Life Month! 

Please view the following link for our October Parent video as we tackle the questions; “What does it mean to believe? and What is the nature of God?”  https://youtu.be/fg4CV_MAAhE

This program is first and foremost about your own formation, and secondarily about helping you to teach your children. In other words, “Put your own mask on first,” as they say. Your children will learn the faith better from your witness than through any structured activity. We’ll do our best to share several terrific resources through the month to help you achieve this goal.


Power in My Hands

“Power In My Hands” is a film that uncovers the beauty, timelessness and power of the rosary. Its primary purpose is to help viewers understand the power to revitalize America – a society in spiritual crisis, and instill an active response to the Blessed Mother’s plea for prayer. Hope through Jesus Christ is the ultimate goal of this film. To watch the trailer, click here:



Adult On-Line Course

An Introduction to the Sacred Liturgy; A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Catholic Mass. Enrollment is free of charge.



Catholic Apps Little St. Adventures

If you are looking for a way to engage your kids while teaching them all about our Catholic faith, this is the app for you. Click here to learn more about it:



“SJW Faith Formation Families” Private Facebook Page

If you haven’t already joined our Facebook page to stay in the loop with all of our families, please do so soon HERE. There will be additional articles/info/videos shared there, and we wouldn’t want you to miss anything!  We invite members to post pictures and share experiences of how the year is going for your family, through the year.


Children’s Worship Bulletins

Please find an age-appropriate puzzle page to complement our scripture readings for the week.

    3+ Year-Olds                                                    7+ Year-Olds


October is a wonderful month to praise God and enjoy the beauty of His creation….praying that you have time to experience some of God’s goodness this month and are able to get outside for some fresh air.


Be Well and Stay Safe!