November Week 1 Faith Formation

Welcome to November and Happy All Saints Day!


We have a full month with many special feast days! Please view the following link for our November Parent video as we look at the questions; “What is Original Sin? What is grace? How did God continue to offer His love and mercy to mankind after the Fall?”


Remember, this program is first and foremost about your own formation, and secondarily about helping you to teach your children. They will learn the faith better from your witness than through any structured activity. We’ll continue to do our best to share several resources through the month to help you achieve this goal.


Recommended resources for Lesson 3: Made in His Image but Fallen from Grace


November Pacing Guide

(A great resource to use if you’re having a little difficulty sorting through and organizing the information.)


Additional topics of interest to highlight for the month of November:


All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints and All Souls Day Activities


Easy Symbolic Party Food for All Saints Day


Share the Feast Thanksgiving Service Project.

Please watch for a separate email coming your way in the next week, with details on this and how to donate. This is a fabulous way to help and serve the members of our Chatham community.


Teaching the Liturgical Year

Here is a weekly lesson based on this Sunday’s (November 1st) Gospel, available to help aid understanding for each age level…includes both educator guides and student activity pages.


“SJW Faith Formation Families” Private Facebook Page

JOIN US, if you haven’t already. There are additional articles/info/videos shared there, and we wouldn’t want you to miss anything!  We invite members to post pictures and share experiences of how the year is going for your family, through the year.


Children’s Worship Bulletins

Attached please find an age-appropriate puzzle page to complement our scripture readings for the week.


     3+ Year Olds          7+ Year Olds


November is the perfect month to give thanks to God for the many blessings that he provides us, each and every day. Praying that you and your family have a wonderful month and that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with love and gratitude.