March Week 2 Faith Formation

Lenten Greetings!


Please review the old and the new info listed below to aid in your weekly Faith Formation with your families. Wishing you all well as we continue through our personal Lenten Journeys…May it bring peace, contentment and wonderful reflection.


Recommended resources for Lesson 10: I Will Not Leave You Orphans


Recommended resources for Lesson 11: I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church

Teaching the Faith With Current Events: Can Love Be Legislated?

Provided by The Sophia Institute. Here is an overview of this lesson if you choose to use it. On February 25, 2021, HR-5 (called the Equality Act) was passed by the House of Representatives, sending it on its way to the Senate floor. At face value, the bill is presented as a great stride in civil liberty—a call to prohibit discrimination and increase equality of all members of society. Yet beneath its apparently affirmative title, the bill restricts religious liberty and strips persons of the true equality and dignity that belongs to us all as human beings made in the image and likeness of God. If passed into law, HR-5 would, ironically, impose discriminatory measures against anyone opposed to its flawed understanding of the origin and end of the human person. While the bill is not expected to pass in the Senate, it brings into sharp relief the ideology of transgenderism which is currently influencing our society—and which is directly opposed to Catholic teaching on true human dignity, true social justice, and the true equality shared by all people, made in God’s image and likeness, as “male and female” (Genesis. 1:27). TEACHER NOTE: This lesson is suited only for older, more mature students, as it contains references, discussion prompts, and news articles that explicitly reference gender ideology (including a reference to genital surgery) in the context of HR-5 (The Equality Act). Additionally, certain linked articles may ostensibly favor what is contrary to Church teaching on human nature and dignity.

Teaching the Liturgical Year

Participating regularly in Sunday Mass strengthens families to follow Christ. Find lessons to teach this Sundays Gospel (March 14th) here…includes both educator guides and student activity pages.


Family Faith Scrapbook

Submit a picture of your scrapbook by Sunday, March 28th in order to be entered into our drawing for a $40.00 IHOP gift card this month. Looking forward to seeing your continued progress. There are two Storybook activities this month. Those can be found on page 180 and 188 of the parent guide.


Parish Easter Egg Hunt

Our youth are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 27th from 1:00-2:00pm at the church (Rain date: Sunday, March 28th.)  Kids of all ages are welcome, they just ask that you please sign up and let them know you are coming. Masks are required and each child will have a specific number of eggs to find. The eggs will be filled ahead of time and “quarantined.” Gloves will be worn by our “bunnies” while hiding the eggs. Sign up deadline is March 21st. Check News You Can Use or the parish website for the sign up link.


Review From Last Week


March Pacing Guide

A great resource to reference for suggestions on a weekly schedule:


Way of the Cross Guide


Ark of Hope Lenten Service Project

Our Faith Formation program will be collecting donations throughout the Lenten season. Cowpoke Pete and Cowgirl Cora will be in the gathering space to collect your donations. You can also drop off donations in the parish office, M-F; 8:30am-4:00pm, or mail them in to the office (just please be sure to indicate what the money is for). No gift is too big or too small. Want to know more about the items within the Ark? Go online to their website and read all about the good work that they do.


Children will appreciate the unique traditions of Lent as they experience them with their parents at home. Forgoing meat on Fridays and inviting children to help with simple meals such as fish tacos or meatless lasagna is a great way to spend time with kids and teach them about the value of sacrifice.


Families can enrich their prayer time through practices such as the stations of the cross or the daily examen


In the quiet, sacred spaces of the home, we find many opportunities to share our Faith with children and grow in holiness. Here are discussion starters families can use in the car in English and Spanish and at home, our fridge page in English and Spanish.


Children can learn about the saints with these lessons and coloring pages and activities:


March 03 - Saint Katherine Drexel / Santa Catalina Drexel

March 06 - Saint Colette

March 07 - Saints Felicity and Perpetua

March 11 - Saints Mark Chong Lu-Bai and Alexius U Se-Yong

March 16 - Saint John de Brébeuf

March 18 - Saint Patrick's Day / Paper Strip Shamrock Activity

March 19 - Saint Joseph / San Jose / Saint Joseph Shrine Activity / Holy Family Felt Statutes

March 24 - Catherine of Sweden 

March 25 - The Annunciation / La Anunciacion / Annunciation Prayer Craft

March 31 - Bl. Natalia Tułasiewicz’s


More fun activities for children

Last Supper - Spot the Difference Activity

Vestments Coloring Sheet


You can find even more ideas for families to observe Lent here:  Eight Ways for Families to Celebrate Lent


Looking for growth opportunities for Catechists/AKA Parents? JJ Here are several development opportunities to consider:


Christ in the Classroom - a free podcast. Topics for these weekly sessions include living the Faith in the public square, the Paschal Mystery, and many more! See a full list here.

  • Virtual Workshops for Catechists and Teachers:

Children’s Worship Bulletins

Here are age-appropriate puzzle pages to complement our scripture readings for the week.

     3+ Year Olds          7+ Year Olds

Watch for our next update on Sunday, March 21, and until then, please log in to view the parent video link on You Tube and continue work on your family scrapbook. Please note, we do have Spring break coming up, so the email on March 21st will be the last one until Sunday, April 11th.


Continued Lenten Blessing to you all… Be Well and Stay Safe!