Health in America

Health in America: Plant Based Eating Presentation

** UPDATE ** If you didn't get a chance to hear Mike Thomas speak about Health in American, you can view his presentation on YouTube HERE.   Mike can also be reached for questions at [email protected]


Tuesday, July 9th at 7:00 PM in Kollross Hall

Come see Mike Thomas’ presentation as he breaks down many of the concerning health trends in America such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. He discusses why we are experiencing such a dramatic increase in these chronic health conditions and how Whole Food Plant Based eating can be a big part of the solution. A plant-based diet can stop and potentially reverse chronic health conditions that thousands of Americans suffer from every day including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Mike has many tips on how to make the next steps towards better health, as well as recipes and testimonials to share with you. The information that he has to share with you has the potential to be life changing as it was for him and continues to be for his clients.

Mike Thomas is a lifestyle pharmacist graduating with a pharmacy degree from Butler University in 1989. Until his recent retirement, he worked for nearly 30 years in retail pharmacy as a pharmacist, store manager, district manager and area director. With his extensive experience in leadership over the last 20 years, Mike’s focus has been on helping people become the best version of themselves through goal setting, coaching, planning and accountability. Now retired, Mike has turned his attention towards the healthcare crisis in America. He focuses on helping individuals convert to a more healthy plant-based lifestyle to potentially reverse many chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Mike’s company (WLS Coaching) and website ( are all about supporting individuals in their progress towards a more healthy lifestyle at no cost.

Please R.V.S.P for this presentation at (217)483-3772. Walk-ins are also welcome.