FF At Home Guide for May 24-30, 2020

Summer Greetings!

As we officially kick off Summer, please know that although this is the last “At Home Guide” that will be sent out for the year, we will still certainly stay in communication with all of our families via email as things unfold through the summer, and as we learn of any restrictions or new ways of continuing our program that may need to be revised for the upcoming year. Until then, please continue to visit our SJW website for all kinds of additional links and websites that have loads of activities, lessons,  and fun faith-based things to do with your families through the summer.

Stay safe, be well and enjoy the warm summer months. Looking forward to seeing all of you in the Fall of 2020!

SJW At Home Activities May 23-30, 2020

Children's Worship Bulletins Ages 3+

Children's Worship Bulletins Ages 7+

Hope Everyone is Well!


Janice Anderson

St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church

Faith Formation Coordinator

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