FF At Home Guide for March 22-28, 2020

Suggestions to use for the week of March 22-28, 2020

This morning Fr. Mike Schmitz, through Ascension Press on You Tube, celebrated a Live Mass at 9am Central Time…it was fantastic! I’m not sure if this will be a regular occurrence in the weeks ahead, but I’m guessing it will, and I would encourage you to check it out. I believe Fr. John is also working to bring some Live masses your way through our Parish, so keep an eye on our website/News You Can Use/and our FB page for information on those as well.

Here are a couple resources to use weekly with Mass:

The Order of Mass and The Act of Spiritual Communion booklets for both children and adults HERE.

Holy Heroes Sunday Mass Prep to be used for the Fourth Sunday of Lent; March 22, 2020 HERE.

Opening Prayer

Levels K-4

The Spiritual Communion craft found HERE or any of the Lenten activities would be perfect at this time: *Email me a picture of your finished product – I’d LOVE to see them!!

Levels K-4 - Pflaum Gospel Weeklies (Levels 5-8 youth can use these if desired)

For directions on how to access this please click HERE

 Children’s Worship Bulletins

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind - (See both Attachments HERE and HERE find the one appropriate for your child’s age)

Levels 5-8

Lenten Quiz

Attached HERE – see how you do and email me your results!

Level 5-Chosen Level 7&8-Encounter

Since our Sunday/Wednesday classes work at different paces, please choose a topic of interest or one your child hasn’t seen already…watch the video HERE and then access the workbook as a guide through the lesson and for further discussion.

Level 6-Father Mike Schmitz You Tube Clips

Choose a few topics, watch HERE, listen and discuss as a family.

These clips are also great to watch for all Level 5-8 kiddos:

Chris Stefanik – Real Life Catholic found HERE – engaging, for both youth and parent!

Levels K-8

Saint Story

St. Monica – HERE

Lenten Passports

  • Initial passports for March 15/18 once {at least} an hours-worth of religion work/activities have been completed for this week.
  • Watch this link HERE. of our St. Joe’s youth performing The Living Stations from 2019 and initial on the March 20th Living Stations Presentation Activity Date.  Please note, the program begins in darkness as well as pauses in between stations that are in darkness.

(A BIG thank you to Cindy Essex who has recorded these each year as a gift to the kids who participate, and who made the link available to us – this sure came in handy since we were unable to watch a LIVE performance this year.)

NOTE: There is also a link on our website under Formation / Prayers During COVID-19 / Children’s Stations of the Cross that is also a wonderful resource to use in the weeks ahead. But in order to complete the box on the Passport, our youth presentation above needs to be viewed.

  •  Continue filling those Sacrifice Jars – there’s been many opportunities for these lately, I’m sure!

Birthday Blessings to the following students who have March Birthdays. I think we were able to recognize most of you in class earlier this month, but please know that we are praying for each of you during this special time!

Jackson Nelson

Pips Yap

Brooke Hutchison

Caleb Pennell

Gwen Foster

Stephanie Tunstall

Brooks Badman

Benjamin Wiley

Ethan Crabtree

Ryan Pelzek

Sophia Shawgo

Elijah Talken

Maya Burgen

Maksim Meyers

Olivia Janke

Hudson McCubben

Madelyn Phelps

Andrew Young

Cami Wienhoff


And to the following catechists as well…thank you for all you do!!


Annie Harms

Michelle Mackey

Kim Alexander

Jon Smith

Michelle Stenke

Graham Haase

Tena Cantrall

Jen Badman

Olivia Szamocki


I’m sure these are birthdays that you will never forget!

Closing Prayer

Five Finger Prayer HERE. Please include the following Prayer Intentions:

  • “For those individuals 55 and over who are very scared and uncertain about the outcome of this situation.”
  • “For the evident mask shortage that we have. For those individuals who are having to wipe down masks for others to use and for those who are only able to use basic masks that are not necessarily protective.”
  • “For those who have contracted the Coronavirus, may they find peace, healing and quick recovery.”
  • “For all of our St. Joe’s parishioners, that we may see each other face to face again soon.”

(Please email or text me with more prayers to share for next week)

Have a GREAT week!

Please also email, text or call with ANY needs, we are happy to help however we can!

Stay Healthy and Be Safe

Spend some time perusing the Links from the email yesterday.

They are also now found on our website for easy access. Please take advantage of them and sprinkle some of those ideas into your family’s week.


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