FF At Home Guide for April 5-11, 2020

SJW FF At Home Guide for April 5-11, 2020

Suggestions to use for the week

Holy Week

In reflecting on how different this years Holy Week may seem for all of us due to the covid-19 epidemic….it occurred to me that it actually will still be the same. We will still hear the story of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God. We will still proclaim his triumphant arrival into Jerusalem on Sunday and the celebration of the Passover on Thursday - his Last Supper where he gave his disciples the Eucharist. We will hear of his arrest and trial before Pilate and his journey to Calvary where he was crucified and died. And when all seemed lost, we will then sing Alleluia and proclaim the truly remarkable story of his resurrection. Jesus is Risen - He is no longer dead! For nothing, not even death (or the corona virus) can kill the Good News we proclaim. This year will be different in how we celebrate, but not in what we celebrate.

May you have a blessed week of reflection on the journey of our Savior.


A few additional resources to share with your family through the week:

  • What Happens During Holy Week (Click HERE) – a “cheat sheet” to share with your kids on what happens each day of Holy Week.
  • The Easter Story Activity pages for Younger and Older children (HERE and HERE)


Keep a look out next week for the 2020-2021 Faith Formation Registration form and our Rocky Railway Vacation Bible School Registration form. These will be emailed out to each family registered for the 2019-2020 FF year and also found on our website.

Opening Prayer

Levels K-4

Levels K-4 - Pflaum Gospel Weeklies (Levels 5-8 youth can use these if desired)

Find your child’s level and go to “Teaching Guides: Unit 4 – March 15th- May 10th” and find the lesson for April 5th.

For directions on how to access this please click HERE

 Children’s Worship Bulletins

Jesus Raised Lazarus -  (See both Attachments HERE and HERE find the one appropriate for your child’s age)

Levels 5-8

Level 5-Chosen Level 7&8-Encounter

Since our Sunday/Wednesday classes work at different paces, please choose a topic of interest or one your child hasn’t seen already…watch the video HERE and then access the workbook as a guide through the lesson and for further discussion.

Level 6-Father Mike Schmitz You Tube Clips

Choose a few topics, watch HERE, listen and discuss as a family.

Fr. Leo Patalinghug – The Cooking Priest! Fr. Leo is a Catholic priest from Baltimore, and the host and founder of Grace Before Meals, an apostolate to strengthen families and communities around the dinner table. He is also an internationally renowned conference speaker, author, TV host of “Savoring Our Faith” on EWTN, radio co-host of “Entertaining Truth” on Sirius XM and contributes restaurant reviews to Baltimore’s The Catholic Review . His unique background as martial artist and break dancer helps him to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, appearing on PBS, ABC, CBS and The Food Network, where he defeated a world famous chef in the, “Throw Down! with Bobby Flay.” With food, faith and fun, Fr. Leo hopes to bring people closer together- one meal at a time!


HERE is a fabulous talk by Fr. Leo, titled God’s Plan Revealed. He gave this at the 2018 Steubenville National Youth Conference - worth the time!!!

…and if you’re interested, HERE and HERE are a couple super fun videos of Fr. Leo breakdancing!

Levels K-8

Saint Story

St. Veronica – HERE

Lenten Passports

      • Initial for “April 5th Palm Sunday Mass” by watching our SJW online Mass or another virtual Mass.
      • Initial for the “April 6-9 Help with Easter Environment” by decorating your Sacred Space or another area of your house with some religious Easter Decorations. Take a picture and send it to [email protected]. A picture must be sent in order to earn the initial.