FF At Home Guide for April 26-May 2

On Behalf of myself and our 43 Catechists, THANK YOU for allowing us to partner with you in the formation of your child/ren this year! Forming intentional disciples is an unbelievable responsibility and one that we take seriously at St. Joe’s. We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with your families and we hope to see you back next year.

Please check out the following links for a quick message from myself, along with another that takes a look back at the past year and some of the fun activities that we’ve shared along the way….be sure to watch to the end....we recognize our 8th grade class and our catechists have some special messages as well. 

Faith Formation End of Year Message

SJW Faith Formation Slideshow 2020

To our unbelievably talented 8th grade class – it has been a pleasure watching you grow and mature in your faith through the years. You are well on your way to a future filled with success. May God's graces be with you as you step ahead towards high school. Best wishes as you continue to grow and use the gifts and talents God has given you. Thank you for being terrific role models for our younger youth and please continue to always share yourselves with your families, your school, our local community and our parish family…you’ve got so much to give! We wish you well!

And finally, as our Faith Formation program comes to an end for the year, we cannot conclude things without expressing our sincere thanks to all of our catechists who have so diligently labored in planning and preparing activities and lessons, exercised patience, and modeled Christian love to share the Catholic faith with all the children and teens who have participated in our program this year...this program could not happen without them and I’m truly in debt to their support and dedication.  

Although this is our final week of regularly scheduled Faith Formation classes, all of our publishers have made their materials accessible, free of charge, through June, so we will continue to share activities electronically through the next few weeks. Watch for an abbreviated list of items to continue to guide your families through May and possibly beyond, into the summer months. Until then...we look forward to seeing you “Online” at Mass. God Bless and prayers for a wonderful summer!

2020-2021 K-8 Faith Formation and High School Youth Ministry Registration Form (On our Website HERE)

We look forward to a wonderful Faith Formation year in 2020-2021 with all of your families. Although the registration deadline is August 3rd, please keep in mind that it helps us TREMENDOUSLY in our planning phase to receive your registration forms as early as possible. Do also keep in mind, that if you sign up to be a Catechist, Co-Catechist or Hall Helper, fees are waived. We have a fee this year of $60 per child or $100 for two or more children, if registration is completed by August 3rd. Fees will then double after August 3rd and be $120 for one child and $200 for two or more. This amount will help offset our cost incurred for Faith Formation materials for each student (books/leaflets/pencils/markers/glue/paper/etc.), Sacramental materials - for those levels involved with Restored Order, and additional supplies needed through the year for our special “K-8” activities and Faith Building Sessions.


*NOTE: You can now pay your FF fee online if you prefer, through our website. 

Go HERE and fill in the electronic form. Be sure to indicate “Faith Formation” in the “Designations” box before submitting. Then please scan and email the registration form to [email protected]. The option to mail or drop off registration forms and payment is also available.

Vacation Bible School Rocky Railway…Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through will be postponed until Summer of 2021

It is with extreme sadness that we share with you that the decision has been made to cancel our VBS program for this summer. With the most recent news of “shelter in place” being extended through May, and with the suggestion to limit large gatherings through the summer, we feel this is the best choice to make at this time. I find myself very emotional just writing this, as this is one of the most well attended events we have through the year. I personally look forward to sharing in this time, not only with our amazingly talented VBS team, but also with our youth – of all ages – who are the heart and soul of this program.  

 Opening Prayer

Gratitude for Family

Lord, help us to be thankful for one another. Help my children to be thankful for each other, for our family to be grateful for each member and to pray for one another continually. Our gratitude for one another will bind us together as a family, and our prayers for each other will further unify us in gratitude and love.


Levels K-4

Levels K-4 - Pflaum Gospel Weeklies

For directions on how to access this please click HERE.

Find your child’s level and go to “Teaching Guides: Unit 4 – March 15th- May 10th” and find the lesson for April 26th.

Children’s Worship Bulletins

On the Road to Emmaus - (See both Attachments HERE and HERE and find the one appropriate for your child’s age)


Levels 5-8

Level 5-Chosen Level 7&8-Encounter

Since our Sunday/Wednesday classes work at different paces, please choose a topic of interest or one your child hasn’t seen already…watch the video and then access the workbook as a guide through the lesson and for further discussion. HERE


Level 6-Father Mike Schmitz You Tube Clips

Choose a few topics, watch, listen and discuss as a family.  HERE 

Levels K-8

Saint Story

St. Paula – (HERE)


Lenten Passports

o   FINAL CALL!! Please email me with the number of events your child has participated in ASAP. I will be mailing out those prizes in the near future! J



 Closing Prayer

Five Finger Prayer

Empty your hands, fold them in front of you and bow your heads.  We begin with the Sign of the Cross…In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit …Amen.

      • Please hold your left hand out in front of you. We begin with our thumb, which is nearest to our heart, so in your heart, please think about all the members of your family at home and also about your St. Joe’s parish family.
      • The next finger is our pointer finger. It reminds us to think of those who point us in the right direction; those who teach, instruct and heal us. So in your heart, please think about those people and also about the wonderful Catechists who shared their faith with you throughout the year.
      • The next finger is our tallest finger. It reminds us to pray for people who are in positions of leadership, those in government and those who have authority.  Father John, Sister Judy, and Deacon Candidate Rob are all here to help spiritually lead, teach and guide us, so in your heart, please think about all of them at this time.
      • The next finger is our ring finger, our weakest finger.  This finger reminds us to pray for those who are sick or challenged with problems in their lives. We have many people on the St. Joseph prayer line and within our country and world, who need extra prayers right now, so in your heart, please think about them.
      • The last finger is our smallest finger.  It reminds us to save prayers for ourselves for last.  So in your heart, say a prayer for the uniqueness of being you.

We ask God to please hear the prayers that we have put before him today, to bless us with caring and loving hearts and to always remember to see the face of Jesus in everyone we meet.  In His name, we pray, Amen.

{In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.}                       

Additionally, please keep your pictures coming in of the things your family has been doing, while sheltering in place. You can email those directly to [email protected]. We appreciate your help in enabling us to continue to join in community “electronically” with one another during this epidemic.


Please email, text or call with ANY needs,

we are happy to help however we can!

Stay Healthy and Be Safe!


Janice Anderson