December Week 3&4 Faith Formation

Teaching the Liturgical Year

Here is a lesson based on the December 20th Gospel reading, available to help aid understanding for each age level…includes both educator guides and student activity pages


Here is a lesson based on the January 3rd Gospel reading


Sophia Institute is also providing family activities for the twelve days of Christmas,  Christmas Day to January 5. You can find stories of the saints, coloring pages, and more here.


Children might enjoy these coloring sheets and saint stories for January as well.


January 1 Mary Mother of God (In English and Spanish)

January 6 - St. Andre Bessette

January 11 - St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch

January 14 - St. Macrina the Elder

January 18 - St. Margaret of Hungary

January 20 - St. Sebastian

January 23 - St. Marianne Cope

January 25 - Conversion of Saint Paul (In English and Spanish)

January 28 - St. Thomas Aquinas (Santo Tomas de Aquino)

January 31 - St. John Bosco (San Juan Bosco)


Family Faith Scrapbook

Share a picture of your Scrapbook to our Facebook Family page or send me a picture by Thursday, December 31st and your family’s name will go into our December drawing for a $35.00 gift card to The Olive Garden.


Restored Order Mass

Please join us in welcoming and praying for our first Restored Order Class of 2021. Twenty-three of our youth will be Confirmed in the Holy Spirit and receive their First Holy Communion on Sunday, January 10th at 1:00pm. Please keep our candidates, sponsors and families in your prayers.


Level 7/8 Youth

We’ll see you again after the holidays on Sunday, January 10that 7:00pm.  Enjoy the break!


Birthday Blessings to our November ½  Birthdays!

Carissa Allison, Chloe Allison, Sergio Anderson, Elliette Bell, Akira Corona, Cameron Heil, Cooper Heil, Ella Johnston, August Jones, Adelyn Lee, Noah Lowry, Knox May, Luke Moore, Henry Perkins, Lily Reef, Addyson Saladino, Hayden Skelton, Kyler Smith, and Ryan Staggemeyer.

Birthday Blessings to our December Birthdays!

Ella Burnett, Ainsley Caban, Autumn Cattoor, Hannah Essex, Brayden Kaiser, Elijah King, Addison Murphy, Madison Perkins, Katie Phelps, Joe Spohrer, Katelyn West, and Payton Wood.

Birthday Blessings to our December ½ Birthdays!

Brayden Allison, Tierney Johnson, Emily Lowry, Mackenzie Murphy, Cole Snyder, Madison Staggemeyer, Kenadi Young



Children’s Worship Bulletins

Attached, please find the Children’s Worship puzzle sheets that go along with our readings for this week (12/20) and next week (12/27.) Find your child’s age and just hit “Print.”

                          12/20                                                        12/27

     3+ Year Olds          7+ Year Olds               3+ Year Olds          7+ Year Olds

December Pacing Guide

A great resource to reference for suggestions on a weekly schedule:



Wishing you all a blessed Christmas Season full of new memories, traditions, and some quality time to reflect on, and take in, the true meaning of this beautiful season. Watch for our next parent video to head your way on Sunday, January 10th, to kick off the start of the second part of our year. We are half way done and you all have done incredibly well!!  Thank you for your support and participation in journeying with us through this very unusual year.


Merry Christmas and Cheers to a New Year in 2021!