St. Joseph the Worker Parishioners:

Welcome to another week of our faith journey together!  As we being a new month, may we all recommit ourselves to being Catholic stewards & disciples for the Lord who loves us deeply.

This Monday, September 6th, is Labor Day in our country.  This day celebrates workers & the work that is done by so many in so many different ways.  It is a day to pray for those who toil for the good of humanity, whether in an office, a factory, a hospital, a corn field, a school, a church or temple or mosque, on a road crew, or wherever.  All the work adds to the success of our country & it citizens. 

Labor Day is also a time to pray for those who have no work; those who work in unjust situations; workers who are discriminated against; people who cannot work for one reason or another.

AND, Labor Day calls us to think about our faith, doesn’t it?  How do we labor in our faith & for the Lord?  Do we toil for Jesus Christ, spreading His word & His presence?  Do we go to bed at night tired due to all the work we have done for Jesus, the Church, & our parish of St. Joe’s?  Would we hire ourselves as a worker for Jesus?

May Labor Day inspire to be the best workers we can be in our Catholic faith.  Our boss, Jesus Christ, is counting on us, His workforce, to produce abundantly for Him.


Your co-worker,

Fr. Joe



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