Dear Parishioners:

This weekend you won’t see me.  My best friend & classmate, Fr. Rick Weltin, will preside at all the Masses.  Why?  Because I will be in St. Louis at my Miniature Bottle Club Show/Convention.  Yes, it is true---this is the one weekend a year that I know I will be gone from the parish.

My hobby is collecting miniature liquor bottles.  I belong to the MMBC, the Midwest Miniature Bottle Club.  We are one of two such Clubs in the U.S., having around 250 members.  We meet annually in STL to buy, sell, & trade bottles.  Dealers usually come from all over the world.  However, with COVID, there will be fewer of them this year.  The Show is from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.  

One of the best things about the weekend is the people.  Yes, the bottles are great, but to see these collectors & be with them is a highlight.  And especially this year, since it has been two years since we have had a Show.  The members of the Club are so friendly, outgoing, interesting, & so much more.  They vary in ages, locales, backgrounds, careers, etc.  Some have been collecting for decades, while others are relatively new at it.  

I will have you in prayer when I celebrate Mass at the Show for the Catholics who attend.  

Please say a prayer for me that my bottle shelves will be fuller as I return!!!  ☺


Your bottle collecting pastor, 

Fr. Joe


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