Parishioners of St. Joseph the Worker:

This Sunday, September 19th, is Catechetical Sunday, a day to recognize & celebrate those men & women in our parish who minister to us as catechists, teachers of the Catholic Faith.  They give of their time & talent so that others may grow in the love & experience of Jesus Christ.  How grateful we are to them!  They will receive a special blessing during the 10:30 a.m. Mass.  May our Lord fill them with His love, faith, & joy as they give back to Him & to our community by teaching others, especially our young people, about the richness, tradition, & beauty of Catholicism.

On Thursday evening of this week parishioners from here, including myself, will gather at the Helping Hands & serve supper to the residents there.  What a wonderful experience this is!  Having done this several weeks ago, I was touched by the presence of our Lord in those who came forward in line.  You could see Jesus in their eyes.  It was a very moving experience.  And it made me realize, ever more deeply, how blessed I am to have what I have.  Many times I take things for granted.  These men at the Pantry don’t have much at all.  Yet, they said thank you when served & expressed their gratitude as we left.  The men from here who accompanied me that evening did a great job & I was so proud of them.  And a big THANK YOU to Vickie & Mike Armstrong who coordinate these evenings of service for our parish.  Let us never be so busy as to say a big THANKS to our Lord for what we have been given, whether great or small.

May our Patron Saint---St. Joseph---fill us with faith & gratitude each & every day.


Your Pastor,

Father Joe


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