Dear Parishioners of SJW:

This Sunday morning & Wednesday evening we begin another Faith Formation year. Under the faithful & competent leadership of our Coordinator, Janice Anderson, & her dedicated catechists, our young people are able to experience the joys of the Catholic Faith. I am grateful to Janice & all the catechists for their stewardship of time & talent in forming our youth. They volunteer each week to come & give of themselves---please let them know of your gratitude.

Faith Formation is something that ALL of us should be involved in, especially our own. Growing in our faith knows no age. Being formed in the ways of our Catholic heritage is an ongoing process. From the moment of our Baptism until the day we breathe our last, is a journey of deepening our relationship with the Lord. And one wonderful way to do that is to be growing in the knowledge & experience of the Faith daily.

When is the last time we have read a spiritual book? When a Bible study is offered in our parish or online, do we sign up for it? Do we take time for prayer each day in order to know Jesus Christ on a deeper level? Do we see the Eucharist as THE opportunity to grow & be formed as followers of Christ?

Learning is ongoing. Let us commit ourselves to never grow complacent when it comes to our own Faith Formation. And may each of us pray for another great year of forming our young people in the Faith we treasure!


Your “ongoing student,”
Father Joe


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