Parishioners of St. Joseph the Worker:

Hope you are all doing well.  I need to tell you how much I enjoy being pastor here.  You have made me feel so welcomed.  Your hospitality, kindness, smiles, & outreach have touched me deeply.  I really do think the Lord called me here to meet you, minister to & with you, & to experience such a celebrating community.  Hats off to each of you!!!

The streets around town are busier these days.  One of the reasons has to do with school being back in session.  This should cause us to slow down when passing the various schools.  The safety of our children & young people is paramount.

Which brings me to one of the important realities of our schools---sports.  Our young people benefit in many ways from participating in the various athletic activities offered.  Teams have been practicing for the fall sports for weeks.  The athletes are being taught about good sportsmanship, playing together as a team, conditioning, rules, & much more. 

What about applying those aspects to our faith?  Are we that good “team player,” not holding grudges or being angry with our fellow Catholics?  Do we add to that “team unity,” or do we make ourselves to be “lone rangers” when it comes to our faith community?  Do we “condition” our souls through working at our faith by praying, reading a religious book, spending quiet time with the Lord?  And what about the “rules” of our faith?  Do we learn & put into practice the 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes, the laws of the Church? 

Do we make good “team members” for Jesus Christ?  Would He pick us for His “team of faith?”

We expect to see athletes doing the best they can on the field or on the court or on the ice.  Jesus should be able to expect 100% from us each day.  We are His “players.”  He is our” coach!”


Your Pastor,

Father Joe


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