Parishioners of St. Joseph:


Welcome to the middle of the month!  August is sure going quickly, meaning that school is right around the corner.  I wish all the administrators, faculty & staff, students & parents, as well as volunteers, coaches, benefactors, & all others a happy & prosperous year of learning.  How grateful we should be to those who form our young people & help them grow & mature. 

This weekend we take a break from Ordinary time to celebrate a Solemnity that is one of our Holy Days during the year---the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven.  Since the 15th occurs on a Sunday this year, we celebrate that instead of the 20th Sunday in Ordinary time.

Mary’s Assumption was a blessed privilege given to her since she was the Mother of God.  She was taken body & soul into heaven at the moment of her death.  Whereas we have to wait until the end of time to have our bodies reunited with our souls, which are hopefully in heaven, Mary’s body & soul stayed united as she entered eternal life. 

This Solemnity of our Blessed Virgin can lead us to be thankful to God for the great example she was & is to each of us.  Her life was one of virtue, holiness, obedience, compassion, patience, faithfulness, prayer, sacrifice, & so much more.  Mary’s way of life should inspire us to live out our faith in God as she did.  We can commit ourselves to ASSUME our role as modern day disciples of Jesus Christ, our God in flesh.  Her Assumption into heaven challenges us to see how we are living right here, right now.  Can we ASSUME that one day we will join her in eternal life?  And may the Lord grant that, when He comes again, our bodies & souls will be reunited, ready to live out eternity with Mary, the Saints, & all those others who now possess the fruits of heavenly bliss.

Enjoy your week of being faith-filled stewards of God’s grace!  And let us not forget to pray a Rosary in honor of Mary’s’ Assumption.


Your Pastor, Father Joe




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