Dear Parishioners:

In our Catholic Church we celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi on October 4th.  Francis has been one of the most renowned & famous Saints of our history.  He left his mark on the Catholic Church in many ways.

He began the Order of Franciscans, both men & women who follow his charism.  How blessed we are in this diocese to have Franciscan brothers in Riverton, Franciscan Sisters in Riverton & at various other sites in our diocese, Franciscan priests & brothers in the Teutopolis & surrounding areas in the eastern part of our diocese.  

St. Francis & his mission can be seen in Franciscan hospitals in Springfield, Decatur, Shelbyville, Highland, Litchfield, Effingham, Alton, & other cities.  His compassion & care can be seen in the healing ministry that continues in these places of outreach to the sick.

And, St. Francis is known for his love of nature & the environment.  He saw God in the beauty of creation.  A tradition has risen of blessing pets/animals on that day or near that day in his memory.  We will have the Pet Blessing on Sunday, October 3rd at 1 p.m. in the grassy area by the pre-school entrance.  I will ask God’s blessing upon those pets who give us great joy & companionship.  

In the memory of St. Francis, let us respect the wonderful creation God has given us.  Let us take care of  our environment.  May we never pollute or discard trash on our streets or highways.  Our world is a gift.  God created---& we, His created, are to praise Him, as did St. Francis, for life & breath & the beauty of the world that surrounds us.


Your Pastor,

Fr. Joe


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