Dear Parishioners:


In my life I need reminders every day.  Reminders to do this or that; to go here or there; to not forget to take a particular thing to the office.  I have notes around the office & the parish house to make sure my brain is reminded to remember!!!


Concerning the Mass, we need sometimes to be reminded of certain things to do.  Let’s try some reminders right now.


  • During the Nicene Creed that we pray at Mass each weekend, we are to BOW at the words “and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary and became man.” This is to show reverence & respect for the Incarnation, when our Lord God became human.  OR, if the Apostles’ Creed is used, we BOW at the words “who was conceived the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary.”  Again, to give honor to the Incarnation.
  • When one approaches the minister to receive Holy Communion, one is to give a slight BOW of the head, NOT the entire upper body, in order to show reverence for the Body of Christ. This is to be done immediately before saying “Amen.”
  • When we enter the pew for Mass or for another liturgical event, we are to GENUFLECT on our RIGHT knee to show reverence for Jesus in the tabernacle. He is there under the species of consecrated bread, & our genuflection is an acknowledgement of that wondrous reality.
  • Finally, when we make the Sign of the Cross, let us remember to use our RIGHT hand in doing so.


Thanks for allowing me to remind myself & you of these gestures which express our beliefs & show our respect for Jesus Christ.


Have a great week, & DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER to come to Mass!!  Jesus, & all of us, await your presence to behold & receive THE PRESENCE OF GOD---JESUS CHRIST!!


Your Pastor,

Father Joe


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