This Sunday, October 17th, is a very special day in my life.  It is the birthday of the greatest woman I have ever met---my mom!  I don’t know why, but God blessed me with the best mom ever.  What a wonderful privilege for me to be the only person in the whole world who is able to call her mom, as I am an only child. 


And this birthday will be her 98th!!!!!  She does have longevity in her family.  And that is another plus for me because I get to enjoy her for many, many years.  As you may know, she is in a nursing home in Decatur where she has been for over 6 years.  She does have dementia.  What a horrible affliction for her & countless others.  I ask that you pray for her & her health.  She has always been a woman of deep prayer.  She has always been devoted to the Blessed Virgin & the Rosary.  When I do pray a Rosary, I think of mom & how she instilled in me the importance of that special prayer tool. 


Mom’s birthday can call all of us to be thankful each day for the precious gift of life that God gives us.  As we continue to observe Respect Life month, may we value each breath we take, each step we walk, each experience of our day.  Too often it is too easy to be unaware of the life-breath of God within us.  This month can lead us to reflect on the many blessings in our lives.  Let us say “thank you, Lord, for another day of life to praise you.”


Your Pastor,

Fr. Joe


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