The month of October is a month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  We are called to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary even more during this month. 

WHY?  She was the Mother of God.  She gave birth to the Savior of the world.  She was that immaculate, faithful, loving, obedient, selfless young woman who said “yes” to God.  And because of her response, the Incarnation could occur.  And what an example she is to us as we try to come closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  As she lived her life completely for God, we, too, can ask her to intercede for our needs & take our prayers to her Son.

HOW?  The Rosary is such a beautiful & powerful instrument of honoring Mary & Jesus.  Through the praying of the “Hail, Mary” & the “Our Father” many times, we “get into” the rhythm of prayer & grow closer to the Blessed Virgin & the Lord.  Also, we could pray the “Hail, Holy Queen” prayer or sing the  “Immaculate Mary” hymn. 

WHEN?   Why not make the Rosary or some Marian prayer a scheduled part of your day?  You could pray one in the morning or before you go to bed.  You could pray half of one on the way to work & the other half on your way back home.  As you take a walk, sing a Marian hymn, take a rosary along & recite it as you take each step along your journey. 

WHERE?  Wherever is a good place or atmosphere for you to be quiet or be in the presence of the Lord.

And praying the Rosary & being in touch with our Blessed Virgin, we are able to ask her to deepen our sense of a respect for life as we continue to celebrate Respect Life month.  She was that model of cherishing the life given to her, especially her Son.  She respected her husband, Joseph.  She treated others with respect & dignity & love. 

May our faith journey this week find us PRAYING & RESPECTING!


Your pastor, Father Joe


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