Protecting God's Children

A PGC Class and background check is required for all volunteers, active or occasional.  This class helps you learn how you can be a protector of children and maybe save a child from a lifetime of pain and suffering.  Our parish community relies on the generous service of volunteers.  Without you and your commitment to service, our parish would falter. The PGC Class is only required once but the background check is required to be renewed every 5 years.  Our parish will notify you when renewal is due.  Please respond promptly when you're notified so our church can stay in compliance and you can continue to serve.

The following classes are available:


A teen who has turned 18 is also required to take the class to be eligible to volunteer. 

For more information about upcoming classes please call the parish office at 217-483-3772. 

If you'd like information about the Protecting God's Children program in our Diocese or need to find a class elsewhere, please see their website here.